Sailing life…

Well we are into week 3 of living aboard and we are all still alive and smiling. It’s a bit like living in a giant Tetris puzzle, if you want to get one thing out of a locker you seem to need to move about 4 things first. I am sure I will remember where I have hidden things away one day!

We have slipped into roles and I seems to be chief cook, washer, teacher – if it’s hygiene or food it’s me. Russell is chief engineer and maintenance, if it’s broken or gone wrong it’s Russell. And for those of you that know us, that’s quite hilarious considering our previous jobs (also I am not known for my culinary skills, we may all end this trip a lot thinner!!).

Cooking in a kitchen smaller than half the size of my island unit at home, and often at a 30 degree angle, is taking some patience and organisation. Things slide and then break. The fridge is an art form, top loading down to keel depth, you bend from the waist down and lurch for what you need. If I go missing, someone search for me in the fridge, I’m going to end up half in it one day.

A mantra of “Power, water, food – what are the levels, how much do we have, need or are able to get” does seems to consume most of every day thoughts. Long gone are our monthly huge Tesco shops, plugging in any gadget whenever, permanent WiFi or long showers (and don’t mention the ‘bath’ word!).

But we have swapped commuting for fresh air, schedules for freedom and quality time with our boys, which is priceless. I am sure I can learn to cook. Katy & Dom – are you sure you can’t come and visit???!! 😘

4 thoughts on “Sailing life…

  1. Sounds like you are getting to grips with it all… did laugh so much about you potentially going missing in fridge!! Lara misses Hugo so much so send him huge hugs from her. Miranda xx


    1. Huge thanks for the video message, we just needed some more powerful WiFi to send you one back. Hugo is currently colouring in this ornate thing to send to Lara, he shows everyone who comes on board his picture of his girlfriend. He hugely misses her. Hope your shoulder is getting less painful. Take it easy. K xx


  2. I’ve just seen this 🤣, can’t wait to hear what culinary delights you have fed your boys! Fingers crossed we can make The Canaries work 👍🏻 X


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