My favourite place so far…

This small island, aptly named Sandy Island lying off Carriacou is totally idyllic.

It’s definitely my favourite place in the Caribbean to date.

The water is an unbelievable transparent aquamarine above the white sand.

The snorkelling is amazing with shoals of stunning fish with pelicans flying above and dive bombing into the water to fish around you. Even the shoals of barracuda are impressive. The children have all enjoyed swimming and playing with coconuts and bamboo too.

I could stay here forever!

3 thoughts on “My favourite place so far…

  1. Hi All i have read your blogs with great interest & replied after your successful win in the ARC but not sure if you receive the replies. These recent photos look absolutely idyllic & i can see why you could stay there forever away from all the troubles & stress of every day life. It looks as if the boys are having a ball & sharing their experiences with other families & kids, great to see. Continue to have a fabulous time. Love the Nocks xx
    Richard appears to receive your updates & forwards them to me.


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