Hugo goes diving

What to do in Bonaire when you are here for three unplanned months…everyone try diving in the crystal clear waters of the marine park. Even Chloe is now an advanced PADI diver.

Hugo had a go (admittedly only allowed to 2m), but it was like a fish to water. Once in, he was off! The dive instructor laughed at Hugo’s speed of adapting to diving and then hurriedly descended to catch him up!

Hugo even saw an octopus on his first dive, amazing.

Everything I saw mummy!

S/y Pearl are our diving buddies and together we are seeing the amazing underwater Bonaire.

Our dive buddies from s/y Pearl

4 thoughts on “Hugo goes diving

  1. Good to hear from you again – was starting to wonder how you’re getting on – it must be very strange and quite unsettling to have had your plans interrupted by a global pandemic. Hoping your idyllic island is still Covid free and you are all well. Looks like the boys are having a great time anyway! Keep safe!


    1. Hiya Sarah – great to hear from you. Yes it’s bizarre and surreal to be stuck in one place unable to leave or allowed to sail anywhere, not quite what we had planned for. But there are others in much worse situations so we are not complaining. Hope the restrictions start lifting soon for you guys too and you can enjoy summer!


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