Sailing to Isabela island Galapagos

We were accompanied by a pod of over 100 inquisitive dolphins on our sail from Santa Cruz to Isabela which was amazing.

It was a delight to drop anchor in the calm anchorage of Puerto Villamil after the rock n roll anchorage of Santa Cruz. We were promptly inspected by the port authority to check all our papers, safety equipment, permits and permissions were in place. You need internal zarpe forms for travel between islands in Galapagos and we have had to have another set of COVID-19 tests, all negative thank goodness.

The anchorage is deserted and we are apparently the first boat to arrive here for seven months. We are allowed ashore tomorrow when the medical team will inspect us at 7am on the dock.

2 thoughts on “Sailing to Isabela island Galapagos

  1. I think you should be classed as ‘Intrepid explorers’ – fearless and adventurous according to the dictionary!
    Enjoy! Grandad x

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