Halfway party and force 7 pancakes

Every milestone is an excuse to celebrate on a long passage and halfway across the Pacific was not one to be missed. I baked fresh bread (still using s/y Pacific Pearls brilliant simple recipe- thank you) and scones and we had treats of chocolate and crisps.

Home made bread aboard

Somewhere along the line we’d promised the boys pancakes too. The only slight problem was that we were now sailing downwind in a Force 7 with huge roller waves. Not wanting to disappoint I set too and made two lots of pancake mix as anything more than a quarter full in the bowl would slop over the side with the boats movement. Carefully sealing one lot of pancake mix in a box with a lid I left the other in the bowl as I started cooking the first pancake. A huge wave then tipped the boat much more than usual knocking the bowl over and sending the entire pancake mix over me and the galley. To add insult to injury I’d just had my first shower and washed my hair (fresh water is somewhat precious as we have a pretty dodgy water maker which is as about as reliable as a chocolate teapot). It’s times like these that test your limits when you are sleep deprived and knackered and a very long way from shore. Luckily Chloe helped me clear up the spectacular mess and we managed a good laugh about it. The boys still got their pancakes from the mixture safe in the box so it all ended well.

Chloe cooked their favourite meal of sausages and pesto pasta for dinner and we had a night of watching good old cartoons, Top Cat, Wacky Races and the Flintstones. A fun day of sunshine, games, stories and treats. Now we just have the other half of the Pacific to go….gulp! Time to plan the next milestone party, getting under 1000nm to go, this time without the pancakes though.

Making a Velcro chess board!

4 thoughts on “Halfway party and force 7 pancakes

  1. Seems the weather and sea state predictions I was sending you were way under what you experienced (again!). At least it made for a fast crossing to Nuku-Hiva!


    1. It was lovely to have shore support and get little messages even if the wind had a mind of its own! It’s the waves that were the worst though…thank you so much for all your help and support


  2. Kate you are amazing! In conditions that would have most of us hanging on for dear life you are cooking pancakes and organising treats for the boys. I’m in awe! We read your blogs with fascination. Keep them coming! Good luck with the second half of the Pacific! Sally

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