We decided to hike to the next bay and explore the large windward beach there. What we found to our dismay was a 500m+ long white beach which was awash with waste plastic.

You name it everything plastic was there, bottles, lids, shoes, cutlery, fuel containers, rope, lots of items with Chinese packaging, even car parts and the list goes on. We started making bonfires to get rid of it all. We worked all day, back breaking work, demoralising (the sheer volume to clear up) and bug eaten!

Twelve bonfires later and a few hilarious coconut finds in between, the result was a stunning clean beach.

We have done our bit today to make the world a better place. I’m now so bug eaten I will be scratching for weeks. If everyone could kindly please stop using plastic bottles tomorrow, forever, we might have a small chance of helping our oceans and planet.

My birthday hike to the village for lunch out!

We’ve now sailed over halfway round the world and seen beaches everywhere (if not cleaned by someone) covered in plastic especially the windward facing ones. It’s saddening to see and the level of micro-plastics you can see in the sand too is horrific. Time for everyone in the globe to take action (if you haven’t already ).

5 thoughts on “Plastic-not-so-fantastic

  1. Nice one Hall family – you’re amazing! We do what we can to reduce our plastics. Small change big results. Considering purchasing a soda stream so we can have more sustainable fizzy drinks. Keep safe. Bonny


  2. That’s dreadful! Well done all of you – what an achievement! Hope you’ve got plenty of antihistamine. (I absolutely love the coconuts)!


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