Boat maintenance and the mystery of the missing 12V power

Whilst Chloe and I do school with the boys each morning, Russell ploughs through the endless list of boat maintenance and fixing to be done onboard to keep us ship shape.

The latest upset was when we realised we were totally out of 12 volt power. It is sunny here despite feeling cold due to the chilly wind so the solar power should be working fine. The culprit turned out to be the exhaust pipe from the engine which had sheared through the wires from the solar panels. The slight bit of movement when the engine spurts water out through the pipe has worn it through amazingly.

Russell getting inside the lazarette locker

Mending it means climbing in our cavernous lazarette lockers which are stuffed with everything…scooters, surfboards, ropes, buckets, fishing gear, beach toys, spare anchor, spare fuel, you name it which have to be removed first…let alone trying to turn the ‘solar’ off!

Next problem is that the water maker has broken, again. Grhhhh. Just when we have the most pure water to make water in. As San Cristobal is the only island in Galapagos with water, we were advised to fill here. The only way to do this is by buying large water cooler bottles you have in waiting rooms. There is no marina in Galapagos, so all 26 monster bottles had to come in a water taxi, be lifted and poured in by hand by us. Nothing like a boat workout. At least we have water again! Phew.

Water cooler bottle delivery

We’ve loved our time on San Cristobal and the wonderful friendly locals, it’s definitely the friendliest place we’ve visited on our travels and we’ve been to a fair few! We’ve been spoiled by the amazing Sea Garden cafe and the boys totally adopted by the lovely Whitman & Jeaneth. If you are ever here she cooks the best cakes you have ever tasted and the smell of her chocolate cake is divine. Thank you @SeaGarden for making our stay so magical for our gorgeous farewell dinner and helping us out with all our varied questions and needs! Felix is already planning his own sailing trip to return when he is a bit older.

Farewell San Cristobal