Should there be water in here?

Not the best sentence to utter as we stare into the engine room less than two weeks before we set sail on our big adventure! No prizes for guessing the answer..

Then follows a slight panic to source a slot to get the yacht lifted and find someone to help diagnose and sort the problem, it’s now peak yacht lift/work time and everyone is flat out and there are no lifting slots available. It turns out the propeller (stern tube) seal has corroded and water is seeping in along the shaft. Solvable with time…

Not the sight I wanted to see! But huge massive thanks to everyone at Lymington for fitting in an extra yacht lift at short notice and for Clive/Vincent for your expertise in working out the issues and saving the day.

We hope to still be able to leave on 23rd May…fingers crossed! (Albeit technically the boat is on asphalt/concrete currently, not very conducive to sailing….)

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