Home cooked food, flat batteries & hatch leaks

It was wonderful to have some family time with the Devon crew, whilst we also sorted some repairs. Adam and Sarah’s hospitality was amazing as the washing machine, showers, baths took the full brunt of the Hall’s arriving. We were also spoilt with amazing home cooked scrumptious meals, it was going to be very hard to leave Teignmouth! We were taken for a gorgeous walk on the moors where the boys loved scrambling on the rocks with their cousins Wilf and Stan. Huge thanks to Adam for cooking bacon sarnies on the moors too, amazing.

Yes as the title suggests, it’s not all been plain sailing. The front hatch leaks, and the batteries are running flat too quickly, and the heating (yes we do have some!) is making strange noises. But Russell is sorting it all, and it’s all in hand. Never an idle moment on a boat!

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