Nope, I’ve never heard of one either. But as we left Teignmouth and set sail for Dartmouth in thick fog we saw a white rainbow or fogbow, which is an atmospheric optics phenomenon. Great to see, although I’d prefer some sunshine and visibility! I’m glad we bought that fog horn (which somewhat deafened us when we tried it in the shop to much hilarity – thanks Matt), now where have we packed it?!

6 thoughts on “Fogbow?

  1. Fogbow? Well I never. The trip looks amazing already and wishing you all well from a wet Stratford-upon-Avon!


  2. Wow looks incredible. How exciting to see an atmospheric optics phenomenon! So great to see you all having a fabulous time, Hugo and Felix look so happy. I will show the boys all your news this afternoon. Take care, Love The Crooks x


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