Falmouth – last port call in Blighty

We had a brief stop at Plymouth to collect our six new batteries, at roughly 35+kg each, this was no easy task. Neither was trying to remove the old ones, which were all located under our bunk. Huge thanks to Russell, as I am not sure how he got them all out or managed to move the trolley with them loaded on at all!

An incoming storm forecast changed our plans of sailing to Fowey to Falmouth instead. We had a great sail to Falmouth where the boys enjoyed standing on the bow and seeing how wet they could get with the waves. Note the second photo where I have actually put waterproofs on them (when I remembered the logistics of wet clothes and no tumbler drier onboard!).

We safely moored up in Falmouth where the boys were very excited to be moored up alongside a pirate ship. We enjoyed a calm sunny evening before waiting for the storm to hit the next day. With Force 8 winds forecast and Force 11 in Biscay, we are going nowhere!

6 thoughts on “Falmouth – last port call in Blighty

  1. My parents and brother are there if you need help locating supplies – or play areas! Kimberley park, walking distance from Falmouth centre, used to be good. Hope the storm passes uneventfully. Lucinda


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