Four bikes, two scooters and an ironing board

These words aren’t exactly music to a yachtsman’s ears when trying to pack small odd shaped boat lockers (that really ought to just have ropes and spares in)…but despite Russell’s protests I am pleased to say we have used the lot since arriving in France!

We made it through the Chanel du Four (most western bit of France), known for being fairly choppy water, and into Camaret-sur-Mer. Camaret is a sweet little fishing port turned into a holiday spot. We used the bikes and scooters to visit beaches, mysterious standing stones, World War Two bunkers and the battlefront of the North Atlantic. The WWII memorial was a stark reminder of the battles carried out on this tough coastline and sea.

Plenty of non-sailing time to catch up on school work and play on the beaches too 😁

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