La Rochelle

Nearly a year on, we are back in La Rochelle, where we first saw and bought our yacht. The harbour master recognised the yacht from their records and we were greeted like lost friends and walked out of the office with gifts of a flag, hat and key ring much to the boys delight.

Time for scooting around and exploring the sites. It’s been 36-40 degrees today in this mini-heatwave, so trying to keep cool has been a key objective!

The two towers were great to explore, excellently cool and the prisoners graffiti from the 1800’s was amazing to see etched into the limestone walls. They have drawn the ships they were captured in from the commercial trade wars.

2 thoughts on “La Rochelle

    1. Ditto – we are all so excited to see you. We’ve hired a small car and Russell will meet you at the airport. He’ll drive you to the island, so we are next to the beach, so they can all play to their hearts content and its cooler here than in the city (easier to sleep) and also some lovely seafood restaurants. Hope that’s okay (and drive you back on Sunday!)


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