St. Denis-d’Oléron

This lovely island has been a great place to spend a relaxed ten days, we recommend it if your heading this way. The boys have loved every day of sailing school, the French bakeries, market and general island life. Hugo has taken to wind surfing, and even the instructor was truly amazed how he got it instantly and took off into the distance!!!

Lunch in the harbour then back to the beach!

with a slightly bemused Felix sat on the back. They were a long way out before the instructor had sorted the other kids and then raced across the bay to turn Hugo round and point him back to shore!

First time I’ve ever stood on this thing and I’m off whilst no one is looking!

We’ve also had time to finally get the boys haircut, as I’d soon have been plaiting it! One very smart Hugo. All ready for our guests of Kate, David and Anita to arrive.

I’ve even done all the laundry and ironing! Novel ironing board position??? Chloe, Gaynor – you have to be impressed (or just purely shocked 😂), I just can’t have the boys looking scruffy……

I’m not sure how long ironing in 40 degree heat is going to last!!

5 thoughts on “St. Denis-d’Oléron

  1. Wow Kate I am impressed with your ironing skills! I haven’t touched our iron since we moved onto our boat in March. Glad the boys enjoyed their sailing school.


    1. Yes, I did get quite a few odd looks from other boats on the pontoon! I’m sure there won’t be much ironing, but as I insisted on bringing it and taking the space, I’d better use it 😂


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