The art lesson…

So homeschooling is tough, okay it has highs and lows. One lesson the boys have been begging for is art, specifically painting. I’m not really a mess person, let alone paint/glitter in a confined space that constantly moves! I finally relented and set up a wonderful art station on the beach. The boys were elated and merrily painted shells, driftwood, stones, pine cones and anything we could find. They were so happily absorbed in painting, I thought I might relax and read my book. Err oops, see what happened next!! Rule one of teaching learnt, remain in charge and present!!!!

6 thoughts on “The art lesson…

  1. Omg this made me laugh out loud! Looks like the kids are having the best fun! I suspect taking boat for a bath in the sea was the next teaching lesson!! Sending love especially from
    Lara to Hugo 🥰xx


  2. That is fantastic, it reminds me of our walls having an ‘art lesson makeover’… the cheeky fellas 😂😍. Hope it all washed off, if not at least everyone knows which boat it belongs to!!


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