Diving for razor clams

Our yacht seems to be a magnet for fishermen. No sooner than we have anchored and settled down for the night when the hum of ‘Viveiro’s’ appears and we seem to get surrounded by dropped oyster pots in a web of floats and lines. No chance of us motoring off then! But by morning the hard working fishermen normally reappear and dutifully collect them all. But today we had diving fishermen this close!

They have a tank of air on their small rickety wooden boat, drape a long hose over the side and jump in. Hugo and Felix were fascinated and wanted to join in. There was also a free diver diving around us too. So here’s our mini fishermen….(with that much buoyancy the clams were certainly going to be safe for another day!)

No words to describe this one!!😂

Hugo swam around following the free diver, who kindly gave him a prized Galician delicacy of razor clam and some large clams too. Amazing what was beneath our boat!

Junior free diver in action…

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