40kts + of wind…

So we are hunkered down in Bayona (near Vigo) and the wind is still howling outside at 40kts (around 46mph) plus walls of rain driving through. Boats around us in the marina have their spray hoods ripped apart and masts are heaving all over the place. It’s a battle to have a conversation above the roar of the wind around all the yachts. I’m so glad we are not sailing and I’m not sure how much sleep we will get. This sight is not what you hope to see on your weather forecast!

But in between the rain storms we have braved the historic fort and been aboard the replica ‘Pinta’ to learn all about Christopher Columbus and his route to the ‘new world’. Or rather to learn about Martín Alonso Pinzón who arrived here in Baiona in 1493 three days before Columbus landed, and it’s a point proudly made on all tourist information and plaques.

4 thoughts on “40kts + of wind…

  1. Hi Kate,

    Wonderful to read the stories and see the photos to date. You all look so happy and who can blame you. I’m sure even 40kt winds while hunkered down on a yacht in a harbour is exciting too, well, okay, at times.

    Anyway, just a hello really and keep on posting!


    1. Thank you! Yes every day is a new adventure, lots to explore and learn and mostly in wonderful weather too. What’s not to like!! We are loving the Spanish food, amazing seafood and wonderful hospitality and friendlyness too. Hope all is well with you.


  2. Hi Kate and all,

    We are also hunkered down at West Wittering, sailing at our club is cancelled, Cowes Week racing is cancelled as is the SailGP (foiling 50’ cats) racing. We have 50kts + gusts!

    Lovely to see that you are having a great time, keep the posts coming!

    We haven’t forgotten your kind invitation to join you at some point, and we will plan that in the not-too-distant future.

    Stay safe,

    Bill and Sally. X



    1. Wow Cowes week cancelled, that’s sad news. But I can tell you these winds are bad, so it’s a good call. The resulting swell in the Atlantic is huge which we found to our cost yesterday! Back in harbour safely now. Hope the gusts ease with you soon! Yes looking forward to seeing you somewhere in the world!


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