Festas D’Assunção

Fireworks filled the sky at 8am (yes 8am, no lie-in in this town!), but not quite as you know them, imagine massive bangs and smoke rather than colours. As they were let off on the sea wall, that’s pretty much above our heads in the marina. Nothing like starting the day jumping out of your skin with fright!

As we wandered into town we discovered the streets had been decorated with flower petals overnight in ornate patterns, over 400m of cobbled old town roads. The streets were also decorated with nets, mini life rings and it appeared that you should dangle your best carpet over your balcony too. The procession started at 4pm with amazing religious floats adorned with stunning flowers, and smart young men straining under the huge weight of carrying them. Every child seemed to be in an elaborate costume holding a serious or dramatic stance. We even saw marching scouts ⚜️ much to the boys amazement, their drum playing was brilliant (right behind the horses!?!). It took over an hour for the procession to pass us and it continued round the town for over another hour. Impressive procession by everyone and amazing children!

The streets were filled with stands selling bakery goods and Hugo announced it was his best day ever as we had a lunch of ‘donuts’, iced bread and other cake/bread like things that everyone seemed to be buying!

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