Painting the seawall and Christopher Columbus

Porto Santo’s harbour has a tradition for visiting yachts to paint the sea wall with their emblem or house flag. Russell last sailed here in 1994 and we managed to find his previous yacht painting albeit somewhat faded now. So we set too to paint our flag for this trip/yacht. Everyone had a go at painting (yes with oil paints 😳, what can go wrong with a five year old??). If you are visiting do look out for it! (The dinghy was kept well out of reach this time! 😂) Being on the seawall was a bit like that scene in ‘Local Hero’ where a random scooter/bike/car goes speeding past every 5 mins. There is nowhere to go on the seawall!

It was also time to crack on with school work. We are in the middle of a project on Christopher Columbus and his voyages and discoveries, so it was great to visit his house on Porto Santo. I gave the boys a lesson in the museum much to the amusement of passing tourists. We will continue to follow his sailing route soon and the boys are learning about his navigation techniques such as “dead reckoning” as we set sail for Madeira island itself.

One thought on “Painting the seawall and Christopher Columbus

  1. Hi all, it’s great to see your blogs and your progress . Paul and I went for our honeymoon in Porto Santo in 1987.


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