The pros and cons of an isolated beach…

We are all enjoying this wonderful anchorage (Playa Francesca, Isla Graciosa). Each day Hugo swims the 250m to the beach (he is only 7)!

The boys have even asked to do school work (miracles really do happen) and we’ve had some great maths marathons and spelling sessions (for once)! I am sure this will be short lived!

We’ve even got the model making out. Hugo doing his first ever airfix Spitfire model (huge thanks Grt Auntie Sheena & Grt Uncle Mike) and Felix his wooden train (thank you the Lawrence’s). I even let Felix paint his train on the beach (under strict supervision this time!!)

The slight downside is that I have lost part of a filling. I know Russell does expert dentistry on cats and dogs, but having him patch my filling wasn’t quite what I expected! Huge thanks to Chris of Clarendon House Dental Centre for his early Sunday morning advice! All good now though, patch repair in place and we can continue with the beach life for a bit longer before heading to civilisation on Lanzarote and a dentist visit…(Chris any chance of visiting the Canaries for half term?!!😂😎🏖⛵️⚓️)

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