Countdown till our Atlantic crossing…

So it’s the final week before we set sail across the Atlantic to St.Lucia, nerves are kicking in now and boat preparation has moved into overdrive. To be fair we’ve been preparing the boat for the last year for this, so we are practically there. Russell has done a fabulous job and in particular with all the safety kit, so much so that on our safety inspection by the ARC officials they stated it was the best prepared boat they’d seen! Phew!

We’ve been attending the ARC seminars and meeting other crews and family boats. There are 50 children crossing in the ARC Rally and we are moored on the family pontoon, so the children are having a riot running from boat to boat and all playing together whatever the language. There is even a kids club in the morning so us parents can get some work, seminars and provisioning done in peace! Thank you ARC organisers, it’s a life saver.

On Sunday we took part in the ARC parade around the marina with everyone walking with their countries flags and a local band playing. All great fun. Crews are starting to arrive now and it’s great to meet new folk and have even more people in the party atmosphere.

There are a great series of parties, sundowners after a day of safety briefings, weather, Atlantic night sky, navigation and downwind sailing tips. The boys are having a ball…

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