Provisioning for the Atlantic

How much can you fit on a boat? I seem to have bought half of Hipodino, thank goodness they deliver right to the pontoon. I’ve managed to sort everything in a spreadsheet 😎 with a rough meal plan for three weeks+. The hardest part was doing a full stock take to work out exactly what we have on board and precisely where!

I’ve been to the local market which was fantastic, as apparently it’s best to buy fruit and vegetables that haven’t been refrigerated if you want them to last as long as possible (when you have limited fridge space). Martin’s stall is going to deliver our boat, and the meat order is arriving vacuum packed and at -20 degrees to the boat too. Now I just need to find space for it all….

Paul has joined us a crew at a perfect time to help with the last minute preparations. Russell and Paul did a great job washing all the fruit and veg in Milton on the pontoon and we managed not to drop anything transferring to the boat.

Then there is the small matter of cooking it all whilst the kitchen is moving at all angles….

3 thoughts on “Provisioning for the Atlantic

  1. Looks amazing! Wishing you all a fabulous crossing what an adventure! Stay safe and Lara sends Hugo a massive Hug 🤗😘 Love the heynes family xxx


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