St. Lucia

Now it’s time to enjoy the Caribbean! The boys are loving the warm water and are swimming everyday.

Grandad (Mac) was kindly here to meet us when we arrived and bought the boys their first ever coconut 🥥 (from a hilarious floating shop!) and a much sought after ice cream!

We sailed to Marigot Bay and enjoyed some R&R in the hotel pools as part of the marina, highly recommended if you are cruising here.

We did a short hike into the hills with Grandad. It reminded me of hiking in Hong Kong with the heat and humidity. Very hot and sticky in the rain forest!

Great views!

2 thoughts on “St. Lucia

  1. Belated happy Christmas to you all! Did you by any chance go into the marina by the landings hotel as I am sure I recognise the coconut shop that Lara loved when we took her to St Lucia aged 2! Glad you have arrived safely and enjoy the warm seas and lovely sunshine as we have none here apart from rain! Happy 2020. Love us all xxx


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