Islands galore…

We are sailing south through the Caribbean and our latest stop was at the tiniest island of Morpion. Its a tiny area of white sand with one thatch sun shade!

It was great to anchor off and swim/paddle board to explore. It’s just off Petit St. Vincent if you are trying to find it in google earth, and yes the water is that beautiful. My adjectives to describe the aquamarine blues and turquoise of the sea just don’t do it justice. It blows my mind and we are honoured to spend such a wonderful time here. It’s like swimming in an aquarium with the occasional small reef shark too!

We moored off Petit Vincent amongst the super yachts and monster motor cruisers (one was 460ft long complete with 6 swimming pools!!!). The private beaches looked stunning and we treated ourselves to one drink and a shared pizza in the beach bar to avoid breaking the bank!

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