Sharing boat home schooling

One of the delights whilst sailing with a young family is meeting other yachts doing the same. Chewing the cud with other yachting parents is great and helps keep you sane through the highs and lows of this yachting life.

One step further is to then share the home schooling burden. With four yachting boats we managed a year 1,2,3 and 4 classroom for the 9 children between us. It turns out teaching your kids with someone’s else’s around them is 10x easier!! Even easier if you managed to get the year class without your children in.

We rattled through maths and English lessons tackling everything from fractions, decimals to time telling, speeds and grammar.

This is definitely the way forward for home schooling.

The boys got excited about getting the “school bus” aka dinghy to school each morning.

School only lasts till 11:30am, (we are in the tropics and it’s very very hot!) followed by lunch and time for play and art on the beach. All good 👍😁

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