The Saints and Guadeloupe

The Saint’s are a group of islands just south of Guadeloupe and they are utterly delightful and just a tad windy. Our sail north to get there from Dominica included the highest winds we’ve experienced to date, in excess of 45kts. It gets to a point where you are more worried about getting the sail area smaller rather than looking at dials and reading wind speeds! However the boys loved the waves and the torrents of water crossing the deck before the winds got too high…

We walked to all four corners of the island during our stay including a lovely walk to the highest peak which included a rock scramble much to the boys delight. The views from the top were well worth the hike up in the heat and humidity and we highly recommend it.

Spot our yacht in the bay..

From the Saints we sailed up the west coast of Guadeloupe stopping at Jacques Cousteau dive sites at Pigeon Island where the water was beautifully clear and we were surrounded in the bay by turtles swimming. Deshaies was also a lovely spot and we greatly enjoyed the parrots and plants at the stunning botanical gardens.

Time to venture out of the rather windy bay, say goodbye to France and sail north to Antigua. It’s still windy!

Spot the squall!

2 thoughts on “The Saints and Guadeloupe

  1. It’s Gordon & Jasmine from the bar in Deshaies, Guadeloupe. We are in Antigua as well today at Antigua Yacht club marina resort. We have lots of Yachts here, wondering if we might see you. Lol


    1. Hiya Gordon and Jasmine – great to hear from you and I was wondering how your air-b&b afloat was going! We are on the western side of the island, past Jolly Harbour in a beach anchorage near the Hermitage bay resort. Hope you are enjoying the yachting lifestyle! Have a great holiday.
      Best wishes,


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