Optimist sailing lessons in Antigua

Between Grandad sadly leaving and waiting for Chloe to arrive we’ve made a home at anchor in English harbour in Antigua.

with Grandad in Nelson’s dockyard

Surrounded by our sailing family friends aboard Alisara, Pacific Pearl and Oyster Moon it’s been a delight.

Super yacht heaven

We’ve joined the local yacht club and the boys are having opi lessons each day, which they love.

The boys are off!

There is something about a six-year old sailing around on his own in an optimist surrounded by super mega yachts, which is slightly scary!

The Falmouth and English harbour marinas are full of the largest boats you can imagine, some of the biggest sailing yachts on the planet.

Eos the largest yacht in the world
Just a tad bigger than ours…

The J class boats are all assembling for the forthcoming races and at the other end of the scale the transatlantic rowers having been coming in. The last duo are due in soon and we hope to watch them finish.

Alisara kindly got us an invite to see a racing J class which was amazing. Look no guard rails…!

Check this steering wheel out!

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