Exploring Bocas Del Toro

We are only 30 miles from Costa Rica and this archipelago of islands range from tropical rainforest to mangroves islands.

Once we’d cleared arrival protocols we were finally allowed ashore masked up. We visited a supermarket and delighted in fresh produce and a well deserved ice cream. I think Felix has eaten at least 7 bananas straight! He was delighted with his first coconut juice too.

Coconut milk

Most of the town is shut due to COVID19 shutdown so we soon departed for a rural bay to enjoy the wildlife. We happily anchored amongst mangroves outside Red Frog. The name comes from its famous inhabitants, yes, red frogs which we had great fun spotting in the rain forest. We also saw our first sloth (in the wild) too on our walk to the beach. It’s great to be able to hike!

Rainforest exploring
Mask at hand in case we meet anyone???
Red frog
Sloth at the top of the tree

Panama has put out a new decree that all yachts are now banned from moving which is a pain. But at least we are in a lovely area and we are happy to explore these islands for a couple of weeks. The surf is good and the beach is long. There are worse places to be stuck I am sure.

Beach life

3 thoughts on “Exploring Bocas Del Toro

  1. So glad you have been allowed off the boat I would have probably killed someone 😂. Love the red frogs says Lara. Hope you have a relaxing few weeks and If you need anything Alex’s cousin James lives in panama! Much love m xx


    1. 😂😂 yes it was an interesting time!! Hugo loves the red frogs too and sends his love to Lara. In his English text the other day he wrote that Lara is beautiful 😍Where does Alex’s cousin live? Just wondering if we could get some post sent to him (school books and boat bits) if he is anywhere near where we might go? We are in Bocas Del Toro now, will probably head to Linton Bay then to Shelter Bay in Colon before crossing the canal if any of that is near his cousin?? No worries if not, just thought I’d ask!


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