Crocodiles in the marina

When we arrived in the marina everyone warned us not swim in the water and to keep the children in the centre of the roads when walking around as there were three resident crocodiles in the marina. After a few days here in the soaring 33 degree heat and 90% humidity, we were tempted to pop to the small beach as there was no sign of any crocs. Then someone kindly called me on the radio today to say if the boys wanted to see a crocodile to pop down to the grass by F dock and this is what they saw! This is not zoomed in! It was 3m long and about 3m away from Russell taking the photo.

Funnily enough no one is even remotely tempted to dip their toes in the water now!!

This is the croc swimming away, they are hard to spot in the water, look just below the log thing. I wasn’t going anywhere near it and stayed well away on the dock.

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