Wildlife in the Pacific

In the first half an hour of our first days sail in the Pacific we saw dolphins, caught a large Mahi Mahi and saw whales, all in the space of five frantic minutes! Wow what a welcome to the Pacific.

The tidal difference and currents here are more like home (UK) and keep the water nutrient rich. It’s a welcome change from the Caribbean Sea on the other side. Although the volume of floating debris both natural (logs and reeds) and garbage (plastic mostly with the occasional fridge) means we are keeping a sharp look out.

The Pearl Islands

The Pearl islands were lovely, the water was slightly cooler and clearer than the Atlantic side of Panama and the beaches and islands were empty. Sadly all the beaches were covered in plastic and the amount of debris and plastic floating in the water was very distressing too.

2 thoughts on “Wildlife in the Pacific

  1. Amazing to see the whales so clearly. I bet the boys (maybe all of you) were excited to see them so close. Pity about the plastic and debris on Las Perlas; sadly it is not unique.

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    1. The amount of whales around the Pearl islands was unreal, we just kept seeing them everywhere, we were just trying to keep out of the way as they seemed to be breaching a lot!


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