Arriving at San Cristobal, Galapagos

Our delight in finally arriving at the Galápagos Islands was met with playing seals and seal lions as we picked a spot to anchor at San Cristobal harbour.

With our permits, forms and permissions all in place we were inspected promptly, medically checked and passed once a lot of photographs were taken, cupboards opened, medication inspected and even the engine room visited. A diver checked the underside of our yacht was spotless too. Russell had gone over the side before we arrived and had nearly frozen. The water temperature was 19 degrees C! When we were in Panama it was 31, so this was a big shock to the system. Amazingly the infamous Pacific goose barnacles had already started growing at the back of the boat and needed a quick clean off. We had been dragging a line over each side an hour a day to try and prevent this, although it clearly was not working at the back.

Anchored amongst the sea lions

We soon went ashore to meet the agent and find out about the island and tours. The boys squealed with delight as we saw sea turtles and more seal lions in the dinghy ride to shore. In fact it was quite difficult to step off the taxi-ferry onto the steps without stepping on sleeping seal lions who were sprawled everywhere. Marine iguanas sunned themselves, pelicans and frigate birds swooped whilst the seals played in the shallows, and this was just the port! It looks like we won’t be short of wildlife to look at here.

We’ve arrived in Galapagos!
Seal lions sleeping in the port
Enjoying a well earned beer with locals

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