Kicker Rock

We were lucky enough to go diving and snorkelling at Kicker Rock and also to explore the glorious beach opposite at Cerro Brujo.

The boys lasted about five minutes in the water snorkelling but seeing as the water temperature was 17•c degrees, it’s understandable! (We had put them in three wetsuits each). Hugo did manage to see the many sea turtles and sea lions that were swimming all around us.

The dive didn’t reveal the shoals of hammerheads we were hoping for but we swam with a massive bait ball of sardines and watched the sea lions dive through it fishing. We did see some black tip reef sharks too. Shoals of fish passed us in the nutrient rich water and we must have swum with about 20 turtles gliding through the strong currents. So it was well worth the freezing temperatures!

It was great to walk on the beach to warm up and admire the turtles swimming in the shallows and sea lions snoozing.

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