Super pod of dolphins

The sea colour is a more intense blue and the temperature is rising but it’s still miles upon miles of endless blue Pacific ocean. Suddenly on day 9 with 1548nm still to go (still not even halfway) Russell cried out “dolphins, hundreds of them!” We all scrambled on deck and stood in awe as around 400 Pantropical Spotted Dolphins (we believe) or more dolphins swam towards us, leaping and surfing in the waves around us. “It’s a super pod” cried Felix.

Super pod arriving to play with us

The dolphins surround us and we could see them in groups of ten or more swimming in synchro to leap out of the water together and surf in our bow waves and the big waves crashing around us.

Felix chatting to the dolphins

After days of seeing nothing and rolling around in large waves (except the occasional red footed booby), it was magical and lifted us all.

Boys captivated by the dolphins
Dolphins all around us

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