Only 300 nm to go, what do we do all day?

All the way we have celebrated mini milestones knocking off the next 100nm, getting to under 1000nm then 500nm and now we are at only 300nm to go, it’s unbelievable although also very ground hog day. The weather is sunny, the sky and sea are blue, the wind 25-35kts and the waves are still big and rolly with two sets hitting our stern at different angles, one typically 3.5m and the other set 2.5m, no prizes to guess that they then combine hence our constant motion. We also have a daily wager on what the water temperature has risen too. So far we are on 25.9 degrees which is a rise of 9 degrees since we left. Everyone seems to have had a turn at winning with Felix being particularly canny with accuracy. Looks like it will be perfect swimming temperature when we arrive. We’ve also celebrated sailing 11,000 nautical miles so far in the trip, not bad for a six and eight year old to have that sailing mileage under their belt at their ages.

I’ve been baking to keep the crew happy and have to say the bread, biscuits and banana cake results have been fantastic despite the treacherous cooking conditions. Huge thanks to s/y Alisara as we are still using your silicon loaf tin which is a godsend, thank you!

So what do we do all day? Our typical day starts with me finishing my 4am to 7am nightwatch and I get everyone breakfast to start the day. I then retreat to bed to get some well earned zzzz’s and Chloe kindly starts the school day and Russell the boat chores.

To avoid goose barnacles Russell trails ropes either side of the boat for an hour. Then there is cleaning the solar panels especially if we’ve had a resident bird overnight resting, running the generator and water maker amongst a long list of jobs.

Russell trying to clean the solar panels!

Chloe does boat school with the boys during the morning and they spend their breaks playing Lego around me on our bunk as I try in vain to sleep. I’m then up to prepare and feed everyone lunch. The afternoon it’s time for an audible book for the boys and some craft, painting, pom pom making and the like or occasionally baking with me, whilst the adults doze and read and adjust the sails.

Baking time

Sometimes we all play board games, Hugo’s favourite is chess and Conservation Crisis.

Story time with Chloe

Then it’s time to prepare dinner for 6pm which Chloe and I take turns doing before I start my first night watch from 7pm till midnight. Russell and the boys go to bed at 7pm and Chloe not long after, so it’s a quiet dark boat by 8pm as I settle in to a podcast and harness myself into the cockpit as the waves knock you off the seat otherwise. At midnight Russell comes on night-watch and I gratefully handover and try and get some rest before returning at 4am for my second night watch till breakfast. Then we repeat the cycle and repeat for 21 days…..

We all think that two week passages are okay, anything longer starts to get tedious. Now you can see why we are exhausted on arrival! We are very excited about seeing land and to be peacefully at anchor not rolling around. And I dream about a whole night’s sleep. Although I have to say that my construction industry working career to date and fitting in a further masters degree at Cambridge whilst a full time working mum has got me used to no sleep!! Good preparation for an ocean crossing!

2 thoughts on “Only 300 nm to go, what do we do all day?

  1. Amazing, inspirational and in total awe of you guys as I wouldn’t last a day! Keep safe and hope the last 300nm go smoothly and you can enjoy some time on land! Much love to you all xx


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