Exploring Taiohae – Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

With our land legs firmly back installed we explored our first south Pacific island. The island is beautiful and decorated with carved stones and beautiful flowering bushes.

The people have been so friendly and welcoming to us too, everyone is very relaxed about everything which is a welcome change after the form filling and officialdom of Panama and Galapagos.

We hitch hiked up to the top of the ridge to see the viewpoint. Our lift was in the back of a truck full of cabbage leaves which made for an interesting trip!

The view was breathtaking. The island is so lush and green with dramatic cliffs and soaring trees. We then hitched another lift further along the ridge to a marked hike amongst tall pine trees. It was almost like being back in Europe albeit with temperatures like an oven on full blast.

Feral horses and cows meandered across the road and through the trees. It was quite surreal (are we back in the New Forest in Lymington?!) and a gorgeous walk.

Luckily we managed to hitch a lift back down to the town as I did panic it would take us about 7 hours to walk back down and I am not sure little legs would have made it! There are not many cars/trucks on the road but it appears hitch hiking is the way to travel as there isn’t another option and everyone happily stops for you. Phew! It was a fabulous view on the way back down (without the cabbages)!

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