Art printing lesson aboard with shaving foam!

One of the fabulous things about sailing around the world are the wonderful and varied fellow sailors/ cruising yachts you meet. Amongst wonderful Spanish, French, Dutch, Swiss,American folk we have met since arriving we have just met some Brits aboard s/y Spruce who are veterans of 11 years sailing round the world.

Sue and Andy kindly parted with wise advise and tips and I now have new baking recipes to try now too. Sue is an artist and previously an art teacher in schools and she kindly volunteered to give the boys a lesson in printing. All we needed was shaving foam, paint and paper…!

Delighted, we welcomed her to our boat school and Felix and Hugo in their words, “had the best art lesson ever”.

Thank you to Sue and Aunty Sarah (my sister) for the incentive, “we went to be like Aunty Sarah”.

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