La Pirogue Api private island, Tahaa – Society Islands

As we sailed to our new anchorage a large manta ray swam past us and shortly afterwards we saw a turtle scurry past too. The water is so clear that you can see everything so clearly, it’s beautiful. Great for avoiding coral bommies too!

We picked up a mooring outside the small ‘La Pirogue Api’ private island and promptly went snorkelling to find the manta and turtles. We weren’t disappointed and spent a lovely half an hour snorkelling with the most graceful huge manta ray. As we swam back to the boat we saw a few small turtles and sting rays amongst the coral and fish. A great welcome to another gorgeous motu in Tahaa.

The hotel was unfortunately closed as French Polynesia still has its borders shut, but we enjoyed the gorgeous anchorage for a few days and explored the small islands around before heading to Haamene bay to stock up on much needed food. We also managed to eat out at Hisbiscus bay restaurant, which was a real treat, the most tasty fresh grilled fish with vegetables (rarely seen lately!) and kindly used their great WiFi!

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