Tahua Marae Taputapuātea i Ōpōa Archeological site Raiatea

Standing stones

No, I can’t pronounce it either but it’s the most sacred site in French Polynesia and recently made a UNESCO world heritage site.

We anchored in a lovely bay called Hotopuu and walked around the headland to explore the marae. A short hike up the hill gave us a bird’s eye view of the ruins together with a great view of the aquamarine water surrounding the coral atoll.

The marae are places of ceremonial worship. When they were built the priest would allocate each family an amount of paving they needed to provide. These stones are massive and look very heavy, so it must have been quite a feat for them to be built in their time.

The boys loved climbing the large the banyan tree and even found an unregistered geocache in its branches – what are the chance of that! Another great land day whilst 30kts of wind still howled at sea (and anchor).

We then sailed round into the south of the island to get some respite from the easterly winds.

Protected anchorage

One thought on “Tahua Marae Taputapuātea i Ōpōa Archeological site Raiatea

  1. Another wonderful place to visit. The Marae sites are like the Easter Island Moai sites I saw when I visited in 2016; sadly mostly destroyed. The amount of those in the ground is typically several times what you see above ground. Most of the pavings had been vandalised over the years.

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