Last weekend sailing

Sailing down the island – it gets shallow!

I can’t believe our sailing trip is really ending and we will soon be sailing to Tahiti — a 120nm sail to our last port of call. It will be a massive shock to our system to move back onto land and to part with our beloved gorgeous yacht Kathryn del Fuego.

We spent our last weekend aboard back in Avea bay, such a lovely peaceful beach spot. We’ve made friends with a Belgium family on the island and took their family sailing with us to Avea bay. Once anchored Russell soon set up the spinnaker pole swing and the children had great fun swinging and jumping into the sea.

We took the dinghy round the headland and let the children enjoy boogie boarding on the small inner waves. The outer waves are for the professionals only, unless you like crashing into shallow coral!

We finished the perfect day with our last sailing BBQ on the beach together with the essential marshmallow roasting.

A great weekend with wonderful company. We will be sad to leave the island of Huahine.

Felix wakeboarding behind the dinghy on a boogie board!

2 thoughts on “Last weekend sailing

  1. I can’t imagine how you must all feel. You have been amazing. What a unique experience. You and Russell are so gifted and energetic!

    I guess any ordinary European coastal sailing won’t satisfy you.

    It has been a joy to share your experiences. Thank you. Trevor

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    1. It’s been a joy to sail such a beautifully looked after yacht. Don’t worry the adventure will continue for a few more months in Polynesia as we explore Tahiti and Morea by land and fly back to the UK for the September term starting


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