A spell of settled weather meant we sailed to the Îles de Glénan and anchored off this stunning beach. With clear blue waters and white sand, it was stunning – and we are only in South Brittany!

Hats off to Russell for navigating and sailing to this beautiful archipelago as there are rather a lot of rocks around (the chart looks like someone has sneezed on it)!

Time for bedtime story in the islands 🏝⚓️⛵️

One thought on “Caribbean-esk?

  1. Les Glenans are beautiful I must say. We sailed Grand Cru there & is quite tricky getting in luckily we had a local aboard. Water is freezing there! Looks as if you have lovely weather. Shame you missed Annick & Jacques. J is heading to Ste Marine next week. It’s great reading the blog. Happy sailing, cycling & sight seeing. Xx


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