Cycling Île de Groix

Cycling is described as the best way to see this picturesque island, opposite Pont Aven where Gauguin worked. The sailing logistics of this is somewhat amusing as Russell bravely rows back balancing four bikes precariously on the dingy to the amusement of cafe onlookers! Our yacht is top left of the image, spot the blue stripe of a Hallberg Rassey.

Any room for your legs or arms to row?

Luckily none dropped in and we had a delightful day exploring the island by bikes. I’m impressed with how far Felix (aged 5) can cycle with the promise of an ice-cream later!

A rest for weary legs in the shade

3 thoughts on “Cycling Île de Groix

  1. Hi Kate. We’re just reading about your travels so far this morning. Looks and sounds fab! Hope you are all staying well and a big hi to Hugo and Felix from Tom and Piers. Marie x


    1. Thank you soo much, and its lovely to hear from you. I hope the end of term has all gone okay and that Tom and Piers have enjoyed the summer fun and sports day. Have a wonderful summer holiday. Take care and big hi from Hugo and Felix to the boys. K x


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