Visitor facilities provided..?!

We are not sure if it’s us, the pilot book or it was lost in translation, but this was a tricky mooring with diddly facilities at Luarca. We arrived ahead of Oyster Moon and found no moorings or pontoons, so dropped an anchor and reversed up to this massive sea wall, whereupon I had to row ashore taking a line, scale the most enormous ladder, loop our line round a bollard, climb back down the ladder and row back to the yacht with the line (not loosing it at any point). A lot easier said than done I can tell you. Whilst Russell tried to reverse in a straight line against wind and tide so that the line was long enough to get back to our boat. Let’s say that tested the marriage vows! Now I wished we’d packed some G&T!

Exactly where are the visitors facilities??!!

Despite the traumatic arrival the next day we explored ashore and it was a sweet Spanish fishing village, who seemed most surprised to see a visiting yacht arrive. We now know why!

We had stopped at Luanco enroute earlier which is a delightful beach stop for lunch (and recommended) but unfortunately not protected enough for an overnight stay. For those sailing this coast I’d give Luarca a wide berth unless you have a love of climbing long rusty crab riddled ladders with the roar of the Atlantic behind you and your husband shouting hurry up. It felt like Lara Croft episode as I climbed the ladder with the rope between my teeth…..

The next day we set sail for Viveiro which I have checked via google earth (stuff this pilot book) really does have a marina and a beach! Phew.

2 thoughts on “Visitor facilities provided..?!

  1. I take it a little fellow didn’t appear from nowhere wanting to charge you mooring fees then! Just to cap it off!


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