Viveiro and fiesta time!

Sailing this coastline was fast, with the wind behind us and the Atlantic swell and tide with us we were surfing down huge waves and hit speeds of 10.6 kts (we are only a sailing boat)! We promptly changed our passage plan and went whizzing past Ribadeo and Foz and sailed to Viveiro whilst we had such a good wind. It means we are really now not too far from La Coruña (starting round the top corner of Spain) and getting into the stunning Rias everyone keeps telling us about. After enjoying a stable night in a marina after the washing machine of the Atlantic the previous day we had a quiet morning doing school work and journals before the promise of exploring the old town later. Thank goodness we did. It turns out it was a mini fiesta, a type of medieval revival festival thing. All the cobbled streets and buildings were adorned with flags and market stalls. We ate paella in the market square and were entertained by fire eaters, acrobats, dancers and bands. It was amazing and the boys’ eyes were out on stalks. Great fun for all.

In true Brit style we ended up walking round whilst everyone was having a siesta, the party for the evening will only start and just get going at 9pm. We are still trying to adjust our ‘Gina’ clock! 😂. Having anytime when the boys are not awake is almost impossible. Which makes catching up with boat mending, admin, planning and blogs difficult!!

Russell and Pete (from Oyster Moon) have gone into town for the fiesta tonight and I’m hosting movie night with four children. Luckily Vicki came over too bringing G&T (and the last of some treasured fever tree tonic), which we enjoyed watching the sunset on our beach anchorage at Playa Del Covas (outside Viveiro). A great day for all.

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