Spanish Rías

Everyone’s talks about three Rías, but when you look at the charts there are about six! So we are exploring the lot from the north down including some islands and bird sanctuaries too. A short light wind window allowed us to moor off Islas Sisargas bird sanctuary, which was lovely. The boys walked to the lighthouse and found a geocache only found once before two years ago. It is remote here.

Birds galore

Even the paths were less trod…anyone seen Hugo????

Then we sailed into our first ría, Ría de Camariñas. This was lovely and protected from the Atlantic swell and we moored off a quiet local beach at Punta Lingundia. Beautiful location, only slight problem was that it appeared like someone had dropped a large glacier upstream as the water was brain numbingly freezing! No swimming for me then!

Lovely local beach

Time for some exploring ashore before heading to our next ría, Ría de Muros, past the infamous Cape Finisterre.

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