Dolphin playing speed (is 8kts)

Whilst sailing to and from Porto (or rather Leixões) we were joined by a playful pod of dolphins who jumped and swam with us for over an hour. They liked the 8kts we were cruising at and stayed playing in our bow wave, keeping us enthralled. The water was so crystal clear you could see them swim and take turns surfing and spinning in the waves, both above and below. Hugo’s comment to me captured why we were doing this trip when he said, “mummy who needs to watch Blue Planet when you can see this!” Felix insists he is fluent in ‘dolphin’ with his excited squeaks and popping noises too. With Chloe onboard the dolphins swam with us every day and we were even treated to a mother and baby dolphin too, together with a large pod of seven or more dolphins, it was truly magical.

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