Nazaré – welcome to the biggest waves in the world!

There’s nothing like taking a guest onboard and then logging just over 100nm in one days’ sail to the home of the biggest waves in the world at Nazaré. It was quite a day with a large Atlantic swell and wind too, but we safely made it into the harbour crossing the (in)famous 230km long submarine canyon which funnels Atlantic swells with abnormal speed into the headland. The waves hit 100ft in winter!!!!! Yeeks! The marina was full and we arrived late but moored on the fuel pontoon overnight and they found us a tight spot the next day. (If heading here do ring and book, it’s a small full marina despite what the pilot book says).

We explored the headland and surf beach the next day, admiring the world record making surf boards of the brave few in the museum and footage of 100ft super waves crashing onto the beach. Great surfing poses boys!

One thought on “Nazaré – welcome to the biggest waves in the world!

  1. Hi Kate
    Lovely to hear your adventures are going well. Thanks for the heads up about Nazare as it is on our list to go there. Take care. Judith


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