We sailed to Cascais as a base to both explore Lisbon and drop Chloe at the airport. The marina at Cascais is gorgeous and a welcome sight after the previous ones. Cascais was also a delight and a great place to explore old summer palaces and great parks. We said a sad goodbye to Chloe and hope she will visit us again soon!

In Lisbon we explored the castle with its stunning views of the huge city, watched the trams wiggle through the old streets and spent many happy hours in the superb science museum (if you have children in tow, do not miss this, we practically had tears when we needed to leave at closing time!) You name it, it has it, cycling along a tightrope (even our five year old did it despite my panic attack!), rock climbing with Velcro, creating your own illusion tricks, build your own robot and numerous science novelties in a get-involved-and-see-it scale. Well worth the Uber cost back to marina!

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