Volcanos trip

We were so keen, with two very very excited boys, that we arrived well before they even had opened the road system up to the volcano 🌋 (one way to beat the queues!)

We spent a good few hours with the tour of the volcanos and watching the spurts of water and fire ignition of wood (due to the 200 degree temperature only 1m below the surface). Although never mind any demonstration you could just touch the ground and feel how hot the volcanic gravel was!

Still in full tourist mode we treated the boys to a camel ride on the volcanic slopes much to their squeals of delight.

Away from the crowds and coaches we did our own walk across the incredible volcanic landscape finding our own calderas, lava tubes and multi coloured molten rock formations. The best geology (and biology colonisation) lesson ever boys! Roll on Galapagos for the next volcanic/biology lesson…😁⛵️🏝🌋

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