Lessons on hurricanes, erosion and wildlife

There is nothing like learning the impact of weather when you can see it first hand.

The devastation caused by the hurricane last year on Barbuda was total. The container that Felix is looking in the photo below was picked up by the wind from the airport four miles away and dumped in the lagoon – it’s full of engines/transformers (not exactly lightweight).

As a result the beaches are stunningly empty, wild and beautiful. Any previous buildings were flattened and the hotel has fallen into the sea.

Unfortunately there are worrying white sticks marking out development to come. This is much to the outrage of the local collective principle of community owned land. So these vast beaches might be millionaires private homes in due course. Robert de Niro is buying up large sections and ditto others. I hope the locals win and long may it remain the wild beauty it is.

Inside the beach lies a large sea water lagoon where an amazing colony of great frigate birds live. It was great to see them, puffed up red chests together with their fluffy white young chicks.

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