Stuck in Bonaire?

It looks like the COVID-19 will affect us like everyone else. Having sailed 3 nights/4 days to get to Bonaire from Antigua we arrived safely only to hear the news that Panama is closed. That’s where we are heading. It’s amazing how much changes in four days when you are off grid with no news.

So it looks like we might be in Bonaire for awhile, or sail to Columbia and get stuck there instead. But we can’t get to the Pacific without going through Panama, so we will join the waiting game of what happens next.

But if all places to be stuck, this is certainly a rather beautiful one and we are not complaining.

The island is a bit of a ghost town as it’s used to having two cruise liners arriving daily in season, and currently they are banned. Restaurants are shutting and things are closing as there are few tourists here. But the beaches, coral and fish remain and the water is stunning here. We shall explore (after home schooling..)

2 thoughts on “Stuck in Bonaire?

  1. Your blog is now part of our school day. Anika thinks you are really lucky to have sailed across the Atlantic, so stay safe and be ready to tell us more of your adventures!


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